✉ My booking email: [email protected]

   The quickest way to make contact (for the most spontaneous of hobbiests) is to call or text. However, pre-booking is not only welcomed but encouraged. Just so you know, I am a very low volume provider but I tend to be particular about who I see. So please refrain from asking explicit questions or sending pictures of genitalia  this signals to me that you are not serious based on 98% of my experience. A gentleman gets way more pleasure from me than a guy who feels the need to

show pictures (which will not make me arrive any faster no matter how well endowed or pretty) or talk to me like I am a phone sex operator.  The serious reserved gentleman who thinks and holds back (unlike an animal who always reacts and can't think) when he sees me makes me want him more as it poses a challenge to see if I can get him to give in to his most hedonistic of desires. I hope this information is really being read but if you didn't, I forgive you. First impressions are everything gentlemen...I cant wait to see what kind of gentleman you are...Kisses!



[email protected]